Protect your company by ensuring your employees are keeping their computers and your network safe.

All the security in the world can't help you unless your employees understand the responsibilities in safeguarding data and protecting resources. This involves putting practices in place that promote security and training employees to be able to identify and avoid risks.

Talk to Your Employees About:

  • Keeping a clean machine: Your should have clear rules for what employees can install and keep on their work computers. Make sure they understand and abide by these rules.
  • Following good password practices: Making passwords strong, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase, numbers and special characters, along with changing them and keeping them private are most effective steps employees can take to protect your data.
  • When in doubt, delete it: Employees should know not to open suspicious links in emails or attachments, even if they know the source. Employees should also be instructed how to use them to prevent unwanted, harmful email.

Source:, 2015

Aftermath of OPM cyberattack finds CIOs did not follow procedures - IT Security First Line of Defense is employees

More than 85 percent of CIOs in a recent survey say they’re currently taking steps or are planning to take steps in 2015 to improve IT security. Topping the list? Enhancing employee training on IT security issues. Responses came from 2,400 CIOs at US companies with 100 or more employees, and multiple responses were allowed.

Source: Robert Half Technologies and Oracle Magazine, May/June 15.

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