Toshiba Strata CIX phone servers

Toshiba Strata CIX Voice Systems

Today’s enterprises operate with employees in home offices, start-up locations, even on-site at customer locales.

Toshiba’s IP business telephone systems provide sophisticated features for dynamic businesses of all sizes.

The flexible Strata CIX system can change with the evolving needs of your company and help streamline your communications wherever and however you work.

IP Telephone Systems for All-Sized Businesses

  • Provide one integrated system for all your office locations
  • Share capabilities throughout your enterprise
  • Save money by avoiding long-distance charges between locations

Call Center Applications

Your contact center doesn’t have to be complex to be powerful. The Strata CIX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) features can improve efficiency, optimize contact center operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobility Solutions

Toshiba gives you the power to roam anywhere your wireless local area network (WLAN) goes and take full digital desk phone functionality with you. Maintain features such as extension numbers, call forwarding, Caller ID, multi-line access, and even switch between your cordless and digital desk telephones during a call.

Ease of Use

With its intuitive interface, Strata CIX couldn’t be easier to use; it matches the way your employees use the telephone.

The easy-to-read LCD display features simple instructions and voice mail controls right on the screen, and programmable buttons put your most utilized features one touch away.

Peace of mind with a back-up system - Survivability and redundancy for IP Telephones

Today’s business environments place heavy demands on PCs, firewalls, printers, and especially your telephone system. Enjoy the benefits and security of knowing that, with Toshiba’s Survivability solutions, your IP telephones will continue to operate 24/7. The Toshiba Strata CIX has the ability to automatically re-register to a secondary system if the primary system fails. Plus, survivability is scalable from one IP telephone to some or to all the IP telephones in the primary system. Choose survivability for key individuals, specific departments, or all users within the system. Even voice mail will continue to operate on the Media Application Server (MAS), automatically reconnecting to either system when it becomes operational again. Learn more about survivability.

Value Added Applications

Along with FeatureFlex adaptability tools and 3rd party CTI applications, the Strata Media Application Server (MAS) hosts a variety of other value-added applications integrated within one platform. Its many features include Auto Attendant and Voice Mail, Automated Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, unified messaging and fax integration, Interactive Voice Response and Automatic Call Distribution.

Versatility and Selection

Your business is unlike any other. The Strata CIX is designed to let you build the right telephone to your unique specifications:

  • With a full line of digital and IP telephone models, including 8, 10, and 20 programmable button speakerphones, with small or large LCD
  • For answer positions and high-volume call environments, Toshiba offers a 20-button add-on module, a 60-button DSS console, and the Strata Attendant Console

Money Saving Features

Strata CIX Capabilities and Features Strata CIX can increase your profitability in many ways:

  • Evaluate call patterns for better management decisions and simplified billing
  • Restrict access to long-distance calls
  • Connect seamlessly to high-speed digital services
  • Take advantage of Voice over IP technology, minimizing long-distance charges
  • Automatically route your outgoing calls to the least costly line or carrier

Feature Creation and Customization

The Strata CIX is the first telecommunication system to be truly customizable, allowing you to make changes in just hours instead of months. Its FeatureFlex adaptability and integrated Media Application Server let you modify existing features and create new ones, like voice mail, CTI applications and blended features that work between applications and resources.

Growth and Migration

Existing and future customers will enjoy exceptional return on investment with the ability to reuse key components when migrating to larger systems. It’s part of Toshiba’s “No customer gets left behind” migration strategy.

System Management and Maintenance

Strata CIX IP systems are quick to deploy and easy to maintain with Toshiba’s system administration tools. Keep management costs low and productivity high with centralized management architecture. System reliability is maximized with network-wide monitoring tools. Toshiba IP systems provide both your IT specialists and individual users a variety of browser-based management tools. Network eManager, for example, is a convenient administration program used for setup and system management via modem, direct connection or your LAN/WAN from any location. My Phone Manager, a personal administration tool, lets users program buttons and other functions on their phone using their web browser.