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Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen:
Community Health Systems, which operates 206 hospitals across the United States, announced on Monday that hackers recently broke into its computers and stole data on 4.5 million patients. Hackers have gained access to their names, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, birthdays and telephone numbers. Anyone who received treatment from a physician's office tied to a network-owned hospital in the last five years or was merely referred there by an outside doctor is affected. The large data breach puts these people at heightened risk of identity fraud.

money.cnn.com, 18 Aug 15

It's 11PM, do you know where your health records (HIPAA) are? We offer IT Security Consulting for K12 and HIPAA Compliance. We can secure your Data.

Small business has become a big target for cyber criminals:
Cybercriminals can breach a small business and steal credentials, banking accounts, email access, etc. National Cyber Security Alliance/Symantec research on small businesses has shown that two thirds (66%) say that their business is dependent on the Internet for its day-to-day operations. The research also indicates that businesses have vital information to protect: 69% handle sensitive information, including customer data; 49% have financial records and reports; 23% have their own intellectual property.
Furthermore, the research indicates that most small businesses have considerable risks that are not addressed. 77% do not have a formal written Internet security policy for employees. 63% do not have policies regarding how their employees use social media. 60% say they have a privacy policy in place that their employees must comply with when they handle customer information.

staysafeonline.org, 2015

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We Do Free Service Consultations on Cyber Security. Jim Gibson has 37 years in IT Security and would be happy to speak to your Business Group on K12 and HIPAA Cyber Security and how to keep yourself secure. We can help.


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