Nova Voice and Data Systems is a low-voltage voice and data contractor that can design and install your telecommunications network in any building, any place in the United States. Nova is licensed, bonded, and insured in California. We have performed over 5,000 installations since 1988, worked with companies in all 50 states, and consulted on a network design in Saudi Arabia. Our technicians are telecommunications experts with a specialty in Voice over IP (VoIP) and Ethernet systems.

Fully Tested

We fully test every cable we install using the latest testing equipment. We use cable certified in accordance with industry standards.


We stand by our work with confidence. All our cabling systems are fully warranted for 15 years, covering parts and labor.


Our engineers can design anything based on your needs: from small phone systems to data centers, call centers, and 911 centers.

Cabling Crew

Nova Voice & Data Systems employs trained cabling crews, completely equipped for any type of installation your business could need.


Because we own our cable distribution company,, we buy all our products at the lowest possible cost and pass the savings on to you.

Do It Right, the First Time

If you plan to expand or move into a new building, you need a professional voice and data network installation, done right the first time. A proper design will support future technologies and provide you with the reliability you need.